Please read carefully.

The Rotary Navigation Walk takes place along the towpath and riverside paths of the Calder and Hebble Navigation, the Huddersfield Narrow and Broad canals and on pavements alongside roads in Mirfield, Cooper Bridge, and Brighouse. The paths are open to the public at all times, however walkers should be aware of a number of potential hazards, in respect of which appropriate care should be taken:-

  • Where the walk is alongside open water of the canal or river – Do not walk close to the waters’ edge. If someone does fall in the water RLSS guidance is as follows:
    • In any rescue situation, the most important consideration is the safety of yourself, those around you and the person or persons who are in trouble.
    • Reach Rescue: If a person in difficulty is close enough to the edge to be able to reach them with an aid, then a reach rescue can be used. This is the safest rescue method and should always be the first one to be considered.
    • Throw Rescue: If the person in trouble is too far away to reach with an aid, then another safe method of rescue is to throw an aid to them. You may choose a buoyant aid such as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), or throw a rope for them to hold on to.
  • The walk is suitable for children however due to the proximity of the water adults should remind them not to run and to keep away from the water’s edge.
  • The majority of the walk is suitable for a pushchair however the path alongside the river from Brighouse to Mirfield is not suitable and a stretch of about 400 yards from Shepley Bridge at Ravensthorpe may require the child and pushchair to be carried.
  • The majority of the walk is on even ground however there are a small number of places with slopes, cobbles, steps or holes which may be slippery. Paths may also be slippery in wet conditions. Be alert and take appropriate care to avoid trips.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or boots with ‘gripped’ soles – not suitable for high heels or dress shoes.
  • Apart from Station Road at Mirfield, the A616 in Huddersfield and a minor road in Slaithwaite there is no requirement to cross a road, however there are a small number of places where the path is close to tracks, roads or vehicle access points, care should be taken.
  • The paths alongside the river and canal are not exclusive for the use of pedestrians but also used by cyclists and anglers. Accordingly there is a potential for collisions and walkers should be alert for cyclists approaching behind as well as the front. Be aware that anglers’ equipment may be across the paths; please allow them time to remove it. Also be aware of the fishing lines and hooks flight when anglers are casting (Angling clubs have been notified of the walk).
  • The path is also used by dog walkers. Walkers are reminded that not all dogs are friendly and that they should generally refrain from attempting to approach or stroke such animals.
  • In the event of you suffering injury or an accident you should notify the nearest marshal when or where appropriate assistance will be summoned.
  • In the event that you feel unable to continue the walk please inform a marshal and give him your number badge.
  • In the event of an emergency occurring and no marshal being immediately available please use one of the walk control contact telephone numbers (To be provided at the start of the walk).If you have a mobile telephone please bring it with you.

Marshals will be positioned at the start and finish, and wherever a hazard or directional guidance may be required.