1.     The Navigation Walk is open to everyone. It is however a walk so running on any part of the route is not permitted

2.     We strongly advise that all participants and volunteers under the age of 14 years are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. We can take no responsibility whatsoever for under 14s on the day.

3.     By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any film or video footage or photographs taken during their participation in the Navigation Walk to be used for general publicity including print and broadcast media.

4.     All participants must advise us if they have any health problems or medication which could in any way affect their ability to participate in the Walk. We have the right to reject any participant where we reasonably believe the participant may have difficulties in undertaking the Walk or any part of it

5.     Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the Navigation Walk should take medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the date of the Walk

6.     If we believe that anyone is not complying with any terms or other instructions or reasonable requests then we can ask them to leave the walk. We may also close or restrict access along any part of the route if we feel this is necessary for safety or other reasons or if directed to do so by a local or other authority

7.     All participants take part in the Navigation Walk entirely at their own risk and neither the Rotary Club of Mirfield nor any of the other Rotary clubs involved in the walk nor the hospices for whom funds are being raised shall be liable for any injury or loss (of whatever nature) that might occur as a result of their participation.

8.     If we believe there is any emergency or we are concerned as to the whereabouts of any participant on the Walk then we may use the data provided by you to contact your home, place of work or mobile telephone.

9.     Registration fees are utilised for covering the costs of organising and managing the Rotary Navigation Walk, at the discretion of the organising committee, and any profit from registration fees will be donated to the charity fund for distribution to the four hospices named below.

10.   Individuals or businesses may donate money to cover some specific aspect of the costs of organising and managing the Rotary Navigation Walk, or to advertise on the walk website, such donations will treated in the same way as Registration fees with any profit balance going to the charity fund for distribution.

11.   All sponsorship money and donations other than those referred to above will be paid into the Charity Account of the Rotary Club of Mirfield and be distributed equally to the four hospices named below.

12.   Any and all monies raised in connection with the Navigation Walk must be passed to us by 1st August 2017.

13.   We consider that any participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship monies/donations received by you for the Navigation Walk are paid to us for the benefit of all 4 hospices. All funds raised, together with any Gift Aid recovered from HMRC will be divided equally between Wakefield Hospice, Kirkwood Hospice, The Forget me Not Hospice and Overgate Hospice.

14.   Personal data collected during the registration of walkers and management of the event shall be used only for the purpose maintaining appropriate records to ensure the safety and transport  of walkers, efficient administration of information, keeping accurate financial records, and updating walkers with relevant information pertaining to the event e.g. bus timings, total amount raised for the  charities by the event. It may also be used to advertise future Rotary Navigation Walk events but not other events or Rotary activities.

15.   The Navigation Walk is managed by the Rotary Clubs whose details appear on the home page of the Navigation Walk web site and the Rotary Club of Mirfield acts for and on behalf of those Rotary Clubs. You can contact us via the Registration Officer, Roy Carrington Carldon House, 1A Hopton Lane, Mirfield WF14 8JT   01924 492976